Monarch Lambda
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Department of Choice
26.99 GBP
26.99 Credits
  • Permanent
If you purchase DOC, you can join a division called "DOC" here you can be apart of multiple other departments and sub-divisions at the same time. 
You get your designated call-sign and full access to most law enforcement vehicles in the server.
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Add Script
19.99 GBP
19.99 Credits
  • Permanent
Add a script related to FiveM, must be realistic and fit our server
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28.99 GBP
28.99 Credits
  • Permanent
TierUP is only for the people that want to be at the top, gives you more roleplay accessories and more vehicles. 
Includes Pilot License (FREE!)
BMW i8 w/ wing doors
Porsche Panamera
Shiny and separate discord role with access to TierUP channels only.
Use the amber light charger, explorer and crown vic at any time
Drive and camp with the custom RV
Drive the Porsche GT3RS 
Fly the custom drone
Access to use the electric longboard
Use the Custom R7
Audi RS7 2020 Edition
Drive the amber light Crown Victoria & F-250

Tier & TierUP are two separate items.
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Ultimate Offer
69.99 GBP
69.99 Credits
  • Permanent
The perfect almost all-in-one package, you get more for the money! 
Department of Choice
2x Pilot Licenses, give one away to a member or friend.
Add my vehicle
*Normal price is 100+ GBP buying each perk separate
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Add My Two Vehicles
21.99 GBP
21.99 Credits
  • Permanent
You now can add two of your own vehicles to the server, added within 24 hours. 
You choose to make it only for donators (Tier, TierUP or Car DLC) or everyone.
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Company Owner
17.99 GBP
17.99 Credits
  • Permanent
Own your own brand, make your own rules and employees. 
A maximum of 18 active employees
One FREE custom car added to the server for your brand
Two text channels and one voice in the company discord
You choose the brand of your company
*Must be realistic
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Unmark Any Vehicle (UAV)
21.99 GBP
21.99 Credits
  • Permanent
Gives you the ability to make any vehicle available on the server unmarked, with lightbarsYou must be a law enforcement officer to buy this, civilians without rank in the law enforcement will not be able to use it before they are qualified.
Ever wanted to make a motorcycle unmarked or a Tesla? Now you can do!
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Pilot Certificate
4.99 GBP
4.99 Credits
  • Permanent
If you purchase, pilot certificate. You are allowed to fly all GTA-V stock planes, and fly from any airport.*If you want access to our custom planes and airlines you will have to buy Tier 
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22.99 GBP
22.99 Credits
  • Permanent
Get access to the latest and newest cars in this DLC with bikes 
Citroen Cactus
Ford Tahoe
Porsche Speedster 2019 Edition
Mercedes E350D 
Ford Excursion 
Ford Taurus
Infiniti QX 80
KTM Bike 
Tesla Semi-Truck 
Amber Light Tahoe
Tesla Cybertruck
Can Offroader
Jaguar F-Type 
Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XJ220
Hyundai IX35
Hyundai Santafe
Kia GT
Ford Everest
Dacia Sandero
Citroen DS3
Citroen DS7
Audi AAQ4
Alfa Romeo TZ3
Alfa Remoe Brera
Fiat 500 
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22.99 GBP
22.99 Credits
  • Permanent
Tier is a perk to give you access to multiple features

- Drive Tesla Model X, Model 3 and the Roadster
- Exclusive Tier role in our discord
- Full access to tier donator chats
- Drive the Lambo SUV
- Ride the Honda Grom
- Drive and relax in the Audi R8
- Fly over 20+ custom planes including Boeing 747 and more
- Access to use the range rover
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